Thursday, December 9, 2010

A call to action

Why is it that being overworked, understaffed, and treated like a whipping boy is such a badge of honor for pharmacists? Why do we take such pride in not getting a respectable lunch break(for some of us), which leads to us swallowing foods whole in between fielding phone calls and questions. (I actually had a proffesor brag about being told that he can eat two pieces of pizza faster than anyone else). Is it true that we revel in being so busy that we don't have time to counsel someone about something like a zpak?

You may be thinking that I'm just being sarcastic, but I'm not. It seems like everytime I talk to a retail pharmacist, and ask how they're doing, they just grin and say "busy..." Like it's fun or okay?!!! Now I understand that some people are just holding back from really telling me how it is, but I truly think that (for some people) it's a badge of honor. I'm torn, my theology states that dying to yourself is the way to live, but my reasoning tells me that there is a different way. So for now I say enough is enough! If enough pharmacists start standing up for what is right, we can try to get this thing moving back toward a service oriented profession rather than the commodity based service (following the fast food model) that it has become.

How many pharmacists can the corporate robots fire before they lack a workforce. Let's face it, what can doctors really do if we decide not to give them a direct line to us, we don't have one to them! Also, why dont we let the doctors start fielding their own refills? What we have yet to realze is that the doctors are using us as laborers, without putting us on the payroll. Then they have the nerve to call and say "why do u keep sending this, it got approved already, you guys are wasting paper" (thanks automated faxing). Put us on your payroll, md's and do's, and we will comply, but until then.... You can do you, Ima do me(ima ima do me).

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