Saturday, December 18, 2010

False hopes I got false hopes

Pharmacy, as I see it, is filled with nothin but false hopes. You think your gonna help, but the only thing that u consistently get to help is the junkie to get his or her fix. That's it and that's all.

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  1. If you remove the hope from your mind you will get through much better. Pessimism is the way to go for our situation. If you expect the customer to be a drug addled asshole or expect the tech to be a moron of unequaled stupidity then you will never be disappointed. I swear that is all that has allowed me to continue in this career. Take retail pharmacy for what it is. A joke of a profession but a nice paying job. Think of it like this: Would you dig ditches for 100K+ per year? I would. (and I would trade positions in a heartbeat if digging ditches paid so well). Dig those ditches and take the paycheck to the bank. Good luck.