Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First things first... Seek wise counsel

  Has anyone out there had any success with MTM or any other clinical practice?  Are there any tips or tricks to get started?  There is one good article that outlines the process to get started.  The main question is, how do you get paid?  From what I can tell, I need to get my NPI number, so that I can start billing. Then I need to contract with the insurance providers in my area to become a provider for their patients.  From what I can tell, though, these companies don't have very many eligible patients to keep a practice going. 

  Does this mean that I need to get hooked up with a nursing home?  Do I need to complete a residency, or do I need to get some certification? Like CDE or Geriatrics certification?  I don't know. I'm thinking out loud I guess.  I think there are some pay for service opportunities out there, and possibly an immunization niche, but can we make this happen in a way that will sustain our livelihood?  I guess we will find out.  Is anyone else interested?  If so I will keep you informed.  Please give me suggestions as I go along, and ask questions if you think of anything. 


  1. Would it be possible to do it if you work at a pharmacy attached to a clinic? I mean yes technically people there have been "consulted" but then again so should the people who see a doctor and go to a standard retail pharmacy.

    I don't know if you work for a chain at this point or an independent but a chain wont let you do it strictly for the fact that there isn't a policy for it. An independent would be more willing to do so. You could always do something with selling DME and then using a certification like CDE as well for additional counseling. That is how a lot of pharmacies are keeping up right now in my area...

  2. Shoot me an email with what you have done so far and I'll share my experiences.

    ericrph at msn dot com