Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Long hours

Is anyone else out there required to work 14 hours a day with no relief? I will have my third 14 hour shift this week. How do they expect me to accurately dispense medications and care anything about customer service when I have to listen to everyone's sob story about their pain meds for 14 hours straight, multiple times a week? How does the board expect the drugs to be monitored all of those hours, when there is no one to relieve me to at least use the restroom? I mean do they really expect me not to drop duece in a whole day? Sometimes I need to do that like three times a day. Am I the only one?


  1. It sounds like you work for the same company as I did. Don't expect any over lap. We were promised over lap and a certain script volume along with a Kirby. But guess what? Corporate changed what they look at for those two options.

    I feel like a greyhound chasing the rabbit at the track, only to find out its a stuffed bunny at the end.

  2. I would say that your right about working at the same company, but the description that we have given pretty much applies to all of the corporate money machine robots. They receive all of the data, decide to implement some kind of policy to capitalize on trends, and create extra work without extra help. Yet they expect continual improvements in customer service (not to mention accurate dispensing). These people are so out of touch with the reality of the business that they just assume that the new policies should work , without knowing how it will effect work flow. Want proof? Watch undercover boss on tv and watch how the CEO's struggle to handle the most basic tasks. Watch here at