Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Okay so you thought I went soft

  Don't get me wrong, I want to make something positive out of all my years of education.  But don't you think for one minute that I don't get frustrated with my day or the people involved.  Now I pose two questions for you, aside from serving the chronic disease patients, are we any better than a drug dealer out on the streets?  Are the doctors (especially the pain doctors) any better than the drug cartels that supply our streets with the candy that the fiends out there so desperately seek?

  I have about six suboxone patients. Almost all of them come in and get two or three everyday,because none of them can afford to pay for all of their prescription at one time.  Sometimes they will come in and get 4 in the morning and 4 at night.  Am I supposed dispense this?  I just figure that the doctor is monitoring this, so he won't refill it if it is too soon. Let me tell you that I am wrong.  They just hand pills out like candy.  Seriously.  I have called them twice now to tell them about shady behavior, but they just keep dishing out pills. Aren't the addiction doctors supposed to keep their patients off of drugs?

  The osteopathic doctors are employed by the street dealers, I am almost convinced.  That or they get kickbacks from drug dealers like they do from the drug reps.   Trips to aruba maybe? I don't know.

It seems that all doctors decide to believe any story that their patients give them about losing their pain meds. Or it could be that they just want their patients to go away, so they give them whatever they want.  When the pharmacist has to tell them no, we get to be the bad guy and get yelled at, all because we have standards.  I don't know I guess we just don't like the idea if addiction.

I feel like I relate to Bizzy Bone when he said "who's servin the fiends, hundreds of thousands of greens, for the love of money, cash all around me. I mean, I know I'm not just doing this job for my health.

Don't get me wrong, I really wanted to help others when I was in school. Now, after seeing the true side of people (the whining,impatient, lying, freaks that they are), I'm starting to question how much I want to help them (or how much I can help them). So I ask, am I making a difference or do I do what I do just foe da love of moneyyyyyyyy?

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