Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Buck.... Never EVER Stops Here

Hospital pharmacy is really awesome. I am so glad that I made the switch. However, there is one big issue that I have noticed lately, and it is the fact that everyone passes the buck. If there is some kind of communication error or any kind of error, each department will try to escape any responsibility, and will pass the buck on to the next department. It wouldn't be so bad if it happened every once in a while but it is the FIRST thing that is done 100% of the time.

Example - Someone didn't receive their med
Doctor - "Nurse, why wasn't this med given"
Nurse - "Well pharmacy only sent one dose this morning, and thy take it twice a day."
Administration/nurse - "Pharmacy, why wasn't the second dose sent?"
Pharmacy - "No one ever called for the second dose"
Nurse - "We NEVER call for a second dose"
Pharmacy- "You ALWAYS call for a second dose"
Etc... Etc... Etc...

At what point does someone stand up and say, "I don't know why, here is the dose, and it won't happen again."?

Whats really sad is that pharmacy tries their hardest to pass the buck. The reason is that we constantly have to justify our position in healthcare provision. It's annoying to me that we are quicker to throw our hands up in the air to abdicate responsibility than we are to try to solve the root problem. We're to worried about looking bad, because then the doctors won't listen to our drug recommendations. That would mean all of the "clinical pharmacists" will have to verify orders. Oh no!

I guess it would be easier to take the blame if the nurses weren't so adamant that they are right about everything. Then there's the doctors, and I really don't want to get started about the doctors.


  1. This is something I don't miss about hospital -- the hierarchy, the red tape, the buck-passing. As far as those missing doses, I used to get calls claiming they didn't have something that I PERSONALLY remembered checking. And then you would find out that the morning dose was 'wasted' and the nurse then took the afternoon dose for the morning dose and didn't seem to think that would create a problem later...Sometimes I would go up to the floors personally and find a 'missing' dose sitting right on top of the med cart. Maddening.

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