Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I almost... almost feel bad

It continues to amaze me that I was blessed with this opportunity. If you dislike your job or the people that you have to deal with. I would strongly advise you to look into hospital pharmacy. When I was in school, you would not have been able to convince me that I would enjoy being in the closed door pharmacy of a hospital (I'm technically not in the basement). I wanted to see and help the people, but I truly thank the good Lord for what he has given me here. So, I almost feel bad that I truly enjoy not having to deal with them.

That being said, it makes me realize (even more so) that it wasn't as much of the people that bothered me as the corporate structure. I wanted to help and counsel, but I knew that my timer would go red on me if I did. So, everyone that came to the consultation box made me mad, but it wasn't really their fault. Anyway, I suggest that you find your way out of whatever mess you're in and have faith that it all works out. Thanks again to all who comment (special thanks to the redheaded pharmacist).

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