Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I think I have a hunch...

I think I found the reason for the rift between departments in my particular location. Some of the pharmacists find anyway to create the least amount of work possible. So when people call and ask for help, they defer them to anyone else they can. I can see the pharmacists' point in a way though. They think that if the task is something that the other staff can do themselves, they should learn how. Things like order entry and dealing with the automated fill machines. However, I can see the other side as well. If I had a question about the nursing process, I would call a nurse. So, when they have a pharmacy question, they call the pharmacy.

It probably wouldn't be so bad (in my eyes)if the other pharmacists were had the same point of view, but they don't. They (and I) would rather help in most ways that we can. Although this way of thinking would make the situation better for me, I dont think that it would close the divide between the departments (more speciically - the rest of the hospital and the pharmacy). I think that it would take a lot more to fix the damage done.

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