Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bridge Program?

Why is there not a bridge program for a pharmacist anesthetist? If the nurses have a program to learn more about the pharmacological side, why then can't there be a bridge for us to learn more of the patient care side? I realize the nurses learn more than the pharmacological side of the profession, but I think that we are qualified enough to make the transition as well. Is there something out there, if not, shouldn't there be?


  1. I stumbled on this trying to find info for the same thing. The more I look, it seems like things keep pointing to becoming an anesthesiology assistant (AA)rather than a CRNA. I mean, if need be, nursing school would probably be a breeze after completing pharm school, and it is possible to find a 1 yr RN program. I really don't want to have to do that though. So it looks like the AA thing may be the way to go. From what I have read thus far the pay is comparable. Will just need to look into it a bit more. The thought of returning to school after I finish pharm school in May makes me cringe..but the more I walk around the hospital on these rotations, the more I have a desire to do something more lol

  2. FYI: To become a CRNA requires Masters level education, not a 1 year RN program.

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