Wednesday, July 6, 2011


As pharmacists we are in a unique position to fight battles daily. In the retail setting we can choose whether or not to dispense a pain med to someone who may be showing signs of dependency. In the hospital setting we may have to call to change a dose of medication due to renal function. As all pharmacists know, these choices are not always met with openness. In fact, people usually look at us as some sort of pharmacy police.

For example, I had a patient come in with a lortab prescription. He had recently filled another, and had been filling an alarmingly high amount in a short period of time. I told him
That I was not going to fill it. He told me that the doctor said it was ok, and I let him know that based on my professional judgment, that I would not fill it. After our conversation, he commenced to call his physician, who then called me. Now this was no nurse practitioner or PA, this was the doctor calling, and after hours at that. I told him that I couldn't fill it without something being different, and he said that he changed it from every six hours to every four to six hours. So, he had me....

I then told him, "ok I'll fill it," to which he responded, "yeah, I don't know why he's taking so Many." Well I think I figured out why, and that was because the doctor kept giving it to him. Now, I understand that the guy must have been driving the doctor crazy, so I get it, but I still felt strongly about the issue.

These are the day to day battles that we fight because of our beliefs, and they are worthy battles (though exhausting). But what about our other beliefs? I mean there is no way that I can separate my faith from work, because without the Grace of God, I wouldn't be here, abd the meaningful things that I do at work are driven by this faith.

That being said, I feel that it is time for us to allow our Faith to ignite and move us to take a stand for religious freedom like we take a stand for other things in life. I believe that we should no longer allow ourselves to be too comfortable to prevent us from starting a revolution! To not take such comfort and refuge in our paychecks, titles, homes, and sofas to stick our necks out there and do something we in which we believe.

One great example to consider is the Nativity Scene. Special interest groups raised such a fuss about them that Wal-Mart took them down from their stores, and fire houses were forced to remove them. Now isn't it time to stop letting these people take away the Christian traditions and beliefs that made this country what it is today? After all, that story is what Christmas truly is all about. We really need to boycott stores that are afraid to take a stand for Christian beliefs.

By the same token we need to remove officials from office that care more about money than morals. The Bible says to be in debt to no one, yet that is the American and American Government's way of life! When will we take a stand? Will it be too late?


  1. If it's time for use to 'take a stand' based on faith decisions, then we need to all have the same exact faith, but if talking about ethics, this is a field that pharmacy schools might present a little more discussion, because our profession is pharmacy and our duty as apothecaries is what society entrusts us.

    Ethics is what allows us to make pharmaceutical judgments for individuals based on knowledge. I like to see that a pharmacist that has something to say about one aspect of pharmacy is consistent in dealing with bosses, co-workers, spouses, and patients.

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