Friday, July 1, 2011

A little strange

It's strange how the media portrays a picture of an America that is in so much trouble, yet it is left standing as if they are saying "how dumb" instead of "let's fix this." It's strange that when I do watch the news (which isn't often), all that I see is problem after problem with little in the way of offering solutions. When political dirty laundry gets aired to the American public, there is no outcry. I'm not talking about Weiner's photos or the selling of Obama's seat, but rather the leveraging of the American way of life to ensure that some CEO gets to live in his dream world (bonuses after bail out).

Funny how the politicians make little headway in finding solutions to the big problems facing us today, namely the economy, yet they manage to cater to special interests groups. For example, I heard that using God's and/or Jesus' name in prayer at public funerals for fallen soldiers is now banned (despite their beliefs?) The government has found the funds to remove God's name from court houses and monuments, but hasn't found a way to create more jobs. It's really sad that special interest groups get more attention than the general public, and I'm sure that it's because their pockets are deeper.

Well, just to let you know, when I went into the pharmacy in the retail setting, I prayed before my shift. When I go to the hospital now, I pray to Jesus before my shift. When I am making drips, I pray to God that they remain sterile. I pray before I do most everything, and God has blessed me. I wonder if our nation started praying again, if some of these problems would turn around.

So to all you members of special interests groups out there, if you have been to my hospital or pharmacy, God was consulted in regards to your meds. I'm sure that you actually take comfort in that, but work to reject his name.

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