Thursday, September 8, 2011


I just got done watching Oklahoma State have their way with Arizona on ESPN.  Sportscenter came on afterwards and I realized that I can't handle the anchors on there.  "What's Good, I'm Scott van Pelt..."  What's Good?  Is he supposed to be Sway from MTV?  I don't know what it is about everyone trying to be contemporary that annoys me.  Sportscenter, and ESPN for that matter, ensures that they have fast-talking, "hip" anchors that are always trying to be clever, but I've never really liked it.  You know how Stuart Scott gets up there and says something like, "Peyton Manning gets his Injured Reserve on," or shows a clip of Aron Rodgers escaping from a sack and makes some, "Everyday I'm Shufflin" reference. Sometimes it is clever, but most of the time it's no better than a pun.

This assimilation to the "fresh" culture has gotten ridiculous.  Before I go to far, I will say that I am guilty as well, but I feel the need to express frustration with the extreme side of things.  It's not hip-hop or hanging on to youth that I have a problem with, but rather the obsession with the fast pace.  Parents and grandparents constantly updating their status on facebook, middle aged people texting while driving, materialism and plastic surgery becoming a way of life, it's all getting to be too much. 

Just look at what we watch on tv and in movies. What happened to sitcoms that show everyday situations with positive endings?  Now every show has to be some fast talking, dry, sarcastic humor that gets exaggerated to try to make it funny.  Just watch The Middle or Modern Family to see what I'm talking about.

I will say that a middle ground is better than the corniness of Full House, but it's gone too far.  It will be hard for our children to be convicted about anything, because of this "anything goes" society in which we live. The only thing that is taboo to talk about God.  Isn't that insane?!

Think about it.  Family dinners and conversation gone because of TV, getting a good nights rest a thing of the past because of the Internet,  road trips and family night out reduced to silence because of mobile devices.  Not only that, the liberal minded authors and media out there make everything out to be acceptable.  Blunt sexual references, soccer moms booty-dancing, all profanity short of the F-word, it's all ok.  Public decency? What is that? Everyone is allowed to please themselves because they "deserve it."  I mean we work hard to live outside of our means by putting everything on loan.  Want a boat, get a loan..... even if you make $10.50 an hour and rent your home.  Go ahead, you deserve it.

The conservatives don't care about morals or decency anymore, because they are too concerned with squeezing every dollar that they can out of the American consumer.  No more fighting for what's right, there's money to be leveraged.  They build businesses that run on debt, make enough money to make payments on loans, and then they pay CEO's six and seven figured salaries and bonuses, and forget everything else.  If they can find a clever, "fresh" way to sell it, they do it.  Just watch Casino Jack, and you will see what I'm talking about.

I guess I'm a bigot, I don't think that the subject matter of entertainment is acceptable.  Non-traditional couples raising children, divorce just another thing you do in life (like college or something), and all of the others mentioned above. I wonder how hard the Republican Candidates will fight to uphold traditional marriage?  I guess it all depends on their popularity rating.  Don't get me wrong, I still care for and love these people that I am complaining about, but I don't like what I see. I'm just tired of the mind set of our country, and I'm prejudiced against ignorance.


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