Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Is it ok to watch or listen to whatever they put out there today?  I'm tired of it, the music is all about sex, and it is all blunt, without even trying to be subtle.  TV just wants everyone to feel ok about all perversions.  Every show has a gay or lesbian couple, unwed teenage mothers, and allusions to inappropriate material with some kind of authority laughing like it is ok (i.e.  teenage sexual references with a parent just laughing like "kids these days ha ha...").

I'm so tired of it all.  It's not ok to glorify homosexuality, promiscuity, or drug and alcohol abuse.  Everyone wants to sit there and say, "things are bad today" or "things aren't like they used to be...", but everyone wants to sit down and watch these tv shows that are nothing but garbage.  Everyone likes two and half men, they let their kids watch it, but they wonder why our teachers are having relations with our kids, or why our kids dress/act the way they do.  It's because anything goes today, and whats worse is that some people don't even bat an eye at it.

I despise our culture today, I once completely enjoyed the clever euphemisms or zany actions that made no sense, but now I wish everyone would grow up.

Wonder why our leadership is so horrible????  It's because everyone is looking out for themselves, watching the things that are funny or make them feel good, not trying to maintain the sanctity of innocence.

News reporters, film and music executives, our government, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, the founders of YouTube, myspace, Facebook, etc.... are all TERRORISTS.  Why you ask.....  because they have successfully distracted the entire American public enough to allow those with political/monetary agendas to have their way with us.

Don't believe me.  If we are in such a recession, why did Black Friday revenue exceed last year by 1 Billion dollars?  That's 1000 million dollars.  Do people really not have money, or are the so called 1% manipulating everything so that they can get their way?  Why did oil companies make record profits after 9/11 and the economic stress that it put on our country.  Was it a set up?  I pray that it wasn't.

I know that some companies are failing, but I wonder why.  Instead of due diligence, they do what feels good, because everyone should pursue their dreams at all costs, even if it means that their dreams fail. They fail because they took their profit and went to the Bahamas, or invested in some new dot com start up that allows you to put your favorite books online so that others can see what you read in case they like to read, blah, or bought a new Mercedes because that was their dream since they were a kid.  This instead of reinvesting into the company, making good decisions, and reaping the benefits later.  No, we want it all now, (just like the commercials make you feel it is ok to do).

Please don't believe that I haven't been guilty of these things as well.  I watch crappy shows still, though I try to stop myself.  Ive looked at stuff online that I'm not proud of, and made purchases when I really shouldn't have.  I am guilty too, but when will it be too much.  Ever? I'm going to step up and try to live what I write, but I doubt anyone else will step up, because that will infringe on someone else's right to BLAH BLAH BLAH.


  1. It's all about entertainment these days, and not doing something worthy of a worthwhile self-esteem. Look at the ads for TV shows, video games, etc. we want to be entertained while we're working or making supper or teaching kiddio the ABCs. If we're not making it fun, it's not doing, eh?

  2. I have to agree with you; modern entertainment has changed values, and is negatively influencing the younger generation. Even at 17, I can clearly differentiate the change in values between shows I used to watch and what my younger brother now watches. I also agree with the other poster; shows now are more about being funny, and some values must be ignored to increase the shows' ratings.

    Even though values change, I believe that all are not for the worst. I disagree with your view of "glorifying homosexuality",for example. Yes, the presence of homosexuality on T.V. is higher; however, I don't believe that the shows are attempting to glorify it. I believe that it's more present because more individuals are more aware and tolerant enough to enjoy the show without concern.

    In spite of this, I generally agree with your perspectives.

    1. Please see below for my response. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for your responses! It is refreshing to hear from others that care about morals and living justly (especially 17 year olds). I do agree with the most recent poster in that there is more awareness and tolerance of homosexuality today, and that writers reflect that to appeal to a broader audience and to stay relevant.

    However, I do remember a show where some writers from "Friends" said (or were quoted) that they would push issues on the show. They had Newt Gingrich's sister officiate a gay marriage on the show, and that was done to send a message.

    I suppose my tendency to be a conspiracy theorist can get the better of me, but I do think that people with the opportunity to send messages to the masses will take advantage of that (hence the blog...) and most there are a lot of liberal people in show business. N

  4. Therefore pushing liberal agendas.

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  6. TOTALLY agree with this post. music on the radio these days are for people with ADD. too much is going on in a song. and Forget the reality TV shows..

    but here is my theory: when things get really messed up, it will reset itself back to what I called the conservative state.

    like in 1970s when things gotten really crazy with hippies, drugs, sex etc. it seems like finally, the society decided that it was a bad idea and turned itself around. the next generation, it was back to 'not ok to smoke, drink and having sex freely' again. it's not even cool to be a hippie anymore.

    I see in porn industry today. porn was getting really messed up, wild and crazy. and also very degrading for women. finally, someone decided to do a more tasteful porn that's also female friendly. It's a big business these days. even men find these passionate, high quality camera and lightning porn more arousing.

    american diet is another example. We have been eating craps for so long that finally society decided that we are getting too fat, too unhealthy. Now you start seeing more documentaries about fruits and vegetables. healthy options on menus. and ppl are actually more aware when they are eating craps.

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  8. You have brought up very fantastic points, thank you for the post.

  9. honest confessions, and they make up for a great read.. things are much better here in india, but i know they are gonna turn the same as they are in the US; perhaps another 2 decades and we'll be there...its not a problem only in the US,, people are the same everywhere.. they enjoy dirt in all forms - dirty food, dirty shows, dirty language, dirty relations; and despite enjoying the dirt, we dont necessarily feel peaceful at the end of the day...things hav been deteriorating and i wonder who will save us from pain and lead us to walk a path that will bring us happiness and joy..

  10. I think some people don't want to deal with the hard problems and avoid it by watching tv. Maybe it is a form of escape like drugs.

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