Sunday, April 17, 2011

Service Oriented?

Can pharmacy sustain a new business model that is service oriented, rather than product oriented?  Looking around the pharmacy community, I notice that the big chains continue to try to compete with the other big chains by increasing their ability to provide a product-oriented service in a way that will stop their customers from utilizing their competitors.  Will we seriously have to see a 2 minute prescription guarantee with $0.99 charges before these "suits" realize that there is only so far that you can go?  Seriously,  how long can the chains try to out compete each other before they realize that the times "they are a changing."

Not that I want retail to take over pharmacist provided services like MTM and immunizations, but when the retail providers throw their weight behind something, positive outcomes usually occur.  Look at the immunizations, because CVS and Walgreens implemented these programs, it is now part of life.  "Oh yeah, I got my shot at my pharmacy, blah blah blah...."  Good.  Now they are trying out MTM.  These are all good things, but they also keep trying to suck their patients and their insurance companies dry by drawing them in with the promise of faster service and lower prices.

  GET OVER IT!!!! Try to revolutionize the field instead of perfecting the system that causes so much frustration from employees and customers alike.  One reason your customers leave is because the service is so crappy that they think it will be better at the next place. Then they get crappy service there and come back, NOT BECAUSE OF YOUR MORONIC "NEW" OFFERS!  You big wigs really really suck!  If you can allow your pharmacists to do their job, maybe your patients - wait I'm sorry- your customers/dollar signs will actually stay with you.

Do something good for once, help change the dynamic in which pharmacy operates.  I'm sure CMS will work faster for a global reimbursement model if you put your lobbyist up to it. Then you can suck the new business model dry too (I'm sure that will motivate you - consider that a "Call Out").


  1. With the cut throat competition in every field, I very much doubt that pharmacy can manage to break even as a service industry. Afterall they are not doing any social service. They are in the market to make money.

  2. I definitely agree that pharmacists want to get paid. I have met people in all fields that really want to help others, but many are out for a paycheck. Pharmacy is a route that I would not take again if I could go back, but maybe it can be different. If every field is cut throat, then I think pharmacists can hang in there like the others do.

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