Thursday, September 1, 2011

Funny Story

Soooo...... I have night terrors.  Literally, I will wake up in the middle of the night screaming and yelling ready to fight.  One night I forearm shivered my headboard, and I thought I broke my arm.  Most nights my wife has to calm me down, but sometimes she has to just let me fight it out......... with no one.  I don't know who it is that I see, but it is a recurring thing to have someone standing at my door or at the foot of my bed when I have these dreams. 

Most of the time it is stressful for my wife, but last night was actually funny.  She tells me that I woke her up, and I was sitting up in bed with my arms straight out, one hand supporting the other.  Apparently I was holding a gun.  I wasn't pointing my fingers like a gun, I was holding a gun (in my mind anyway, not a real one). 

Now...... my wife is pregnant.  Before, she would spring out of bed and calm me down.  Last night, however, her belly stopped her from getting up, but it wasn't for a lack of trying.  Apparently she tried to get up to calm me down, but only her arms and legs were able to move.  She couldn't bend at the waist, so she ended up like a turtle on its back. She was able to sit up eventually, and she asked me what was going on.  Keep in mind that I DO NOT remember ANY of this. 

I guess I told her that I fired the gun, and that I couldn't find where it went.  The whole time that we talked, I had my arms out holding the gun (that wasn't there).  Eventually she had to say, "put...the....gun...down."  After she said that, I slowly lowered my arms.  Later on in the day, I get a text telling me that she was tired from the gun slingin.  All I said was, "did I do something in my sleep?"  Later she commenced to telling me this story, aaaaannnnddd she let me know that she told all the girls at her work.  She always let's them know about my antics during nightmares.

I think she should start recording it.  Hopefully we'll get some good footage.

Does anyone have any experience with this?  I have done a sleep study, but the night terrors weren't completely addressed.  Any suggestions?


  1. No pizza within 5 hours of sleep?

    In the first ten years after graduation pharmacy school I used to find myself in vivid dream situations; driving off a cliff in car without brakes, having to present results from project I hadn't even started to research, my teeth falling out one-by-one, and nightmares of situations in which demand trust and responsibility and when something happens whether I make the correct decision. One especially traumatic nightmare occurs when I am walking along a road at night with my 5 year old son, and an erratically driver weaves across the road; whether I can save my son, or not.

    I remember these night horrors started at about age 5, when recalling the occasion of finding myself in a corner of the living room crying from a dream, as my mother comes along and asks me what's wrong.

    Some dreams have been fantastic, like flying over rooftops like Mary Poppins, and some are quite pleasant, walking through a flowery summer meadow with birds and warm blue sky, puffy clouds.

    Do you get enough oxygen, when you sleep?

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  4. do u still get nightmares,?? iv been reading blog sometimes,, seems like u loathe a lot of things in this world and want to change it,,.. but well ur a pharmacist, not a politician or a spiritual guru..

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